Trip to Toronto 2017 1.0

So if you didn’t know, I went to Toronto weekends ago and I’ve been procrastinating to write about it. I decided to write about it today because I’m headed back to Toronto tomorrow. Anyways, here goes. I got up at seven and packed. Yes, I packed in the morning because it’s only one set of clothes and toiletries; it’s not a big deal. I hopped in the car and slept for four hours with my headphones in playing BTS on a loop.

We arrived in Hamilton and picked up my step-brother, then headed to some outlet mall. Honestly, I don’t remember what it was called. It was pretty big compared to any mall where I live, but we didn’t buy anything anyway.

My parents had plans to go to Niagara Falls afterward, which no one actually wanted to do because we’ve been there so many times. If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a million times. It’s literally just falling water. I don’t know why I’ve been to Niagara Falls so many times, it’s just one of those things. All we do is walk along the railing all the way down to where all the restaurants and shops and then walk all the way back. So thank god we did not go.

After leaving the mall, my step-brother stopped at some donut shop because he heard from his friends that the donuts there were good. The place is called Beechwood Donuts. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the donuts, but they looked pretty nice.

Basically these ones

I didn’t eat any though since I was really full from the sushi we ate after that, which cost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS by the way. He spent way too much money on sushi. Oh well.

That’s basically all we did on Saturday. Then, we headed to the hotel and I went to sleep listening to BTS on a loop. I got obsessed, I know.

So the next day is where we do the same thing we do EVERY SINGLE trip to Toronto. We go to Pacific Mall and eat at the same dim sum place EVERY TIME. I’m not kidding. How Asian are we? You might have seen some of the stuff I bought from Toronto, all that was pretty much from Pacific Mall. We spent like five hours there just walking. You can check out my previous posts to see some of the stuff I got, but the sum it all up I basically bought:

  • A fidget spinner (ironically for my friend’s birthday which goes along with a sympathy card) and three sets of earrings
  • Ice cream rolls
  • Bubble Tea
Passion Fruit Green Tea Milk Tea
  • And some Pocky and KitKat for the trip home.
Image stolen from my step-sister’s snapchat

That was pretty much my trip. There’s not much to take from this except you learned that I am very much into BTS right now. Although, if you look at any other post on my blog at the moment, it’s very likely to mention BTS is some way. Have a nice day, bye!

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