My Biases and Ult Bias?

So as you know, I stan three k-pop groups, but who are my biases?


If you followed me for a long time you’ll know my BTS bias is Suga.
BTS has been the first and longest k-pop group I’ve been following and only back in December I decided to explore some other groups. The first one I checked out was EXO. This was because my sister was a fan of EXO and I wanted to finally watch Kokobop after seeing a lot of fanart for it on Instagram.


Now, this doesn’t happen very often as I usually need to listen to a song multiple times before actually liking it, but I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with Kokobop and mullet Byun.

Later I got a bit into Wanna One, but quickly fell out of it. (Whoops!)

Then while I was live streaming on Instagram, some people asked me to watch Clap by Seventeen. Like I said before I don’t really enjoy songs the first time listening to them, mainly because I like focusing on visuals and dancing the first time around. My sister showed me Don’t Wanna Cry as well. Of course I asked why the heck there were so many members!? I didn’t think I would ever end up stanning them due to them having 13 members but somehow I did…

At first my bias was Jeonghan and I really liked Jeonghan and S. Coups. But at this point I didn’t know the members all that well. After watching a few more videos and stumbling across No F.U.N I fell for Hoshi. (I got bias wrecked *cries)
If you check my ‘About’ page you’ll also see that The8 (who I will refer to as Minghao from now on because I’m used to calling him by his real name) is my other Seventeen bias. To be honest, I didn’t like him all that much at the beginning. But somehow slowly I started to like him more and more. Then watching Seventeen perform the girl group medley made me love him even more because he was so ADORABLE and cute and soft and I can’t handle him!!
(Note: I highly recommend watching Seventeen Project – Jeonghan, Hoshi and Wonwoo looked so good performing No F.U.N!!, One Fine Day 13 Boys Castaway and the Weekly Idols featuring Seventeen)

IMG_20171225_141517In conclusion, my ult bias is the soft bun Byun Baekhyun. He’s the most adorable human bean to exist and looks good in every look (I’m biased that way). A beautiful beautiful human who we don’t deserve!!
If you enjoy k-pop as well, let me know which groups you like and your biases! I hope I can find someone who shares similar interests.


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