Monsta X’s 6th Mini Album The Connect: Déja Vu Unboxing

First and foremost I want to apologize for the really ugly background. I took the pictures on my bed since it’s next to the window. I’ll replace the pictures later maybe if I feel like taking better pictures when it isn’t getting dark out. Anyways, I finally received my albums for Monsta X’s new album! (By finally I mean Monday lol)


Before going into the details of the album, if you watched the teaser thing with Destroyer playing in the back (yeah wow I’m so descriptive), you’ll see that the members come in pairs (except Hyungwon and rip Hyungwon in the human bowling game on Weekly Idol): Kihyun and Wonho, Shownu and Minhyuk, Jooheon and I.M, and Hyungwon all by himself. The albums and the special photocards (preorder) are organized in these pairs in a way.

There are 4 versions of the albums and they come with:

  • A photobook
  • CD
  • Individual Photocard (1 out of 7 – different for each version)
  • Group Photocard (1 out of 4)

There were also preorders items included in my albums (since it’s preorder…):

  • Special photocard (1 out of 7)
    • They are postcard size and you can pop out a photocard in the middle. I’m not really sure how to explain this but I guess you’ll see
    • Each pair also has a different background colour for this
      • Kihyun and Wonho have a magenta colour
      • Shownu and Mihyuk  have a green colour
      • Jooheon and I.M have a blue colour
      • Hyungwon has a bright green colour
  • Unit photocard (1 out of 30)
    • There are 30 of these, like wth Starship? Good luck if you’re trying to collect them all
  • Individual card (1 out of 7)

There are four different posters you can get, but I chose not to get any because I’m already broke. I already have a collection of kpop posters that I can’t put on my wall anyways because I’m out of space/ I’m also too lazy to put them up so they’re just laying  useless in my cupboard :’^)).

All versions
Back cover

I’m showing the back cover before I get into each album because it’s the same for all of them. Ok sorry this beginning part was so long, here we go:

Version I

Version I Front cover


The left cover is the pocket which holds all the photocards and such.
On the right side, you’ll find the tracklist and on top you’ll see 7 symbols. Two of them are green while the rest are black. The ones that are green represent the members that this version of the album that the photobook is focused on (though it’s still pictures of all members). In this case it’s Wonho and Kihyun.


So on the left is the pocket again.
In the middle is the photobook.
On the right is the CD.

Pocket contents:



I’m not sure what to call this. It’s like a folding poster, but it’s the thing in the pocket that’s holding all the photocards basically.

Top Left – I.M (Regular photocard)
Top Right – Shownu (Preorder Individual photocard)
Bottom Left – Ver III (Group photocard)
Bottom Right – Jooheon and I.M (Preorder Unit photocard)

This is what the special photocard looks like. On one hand I want to pop it out so I can fit it with my photocards, but I CAN’T POP IT OUT I MUST KEEP IT  BEAUTIFUL AND NEW

Version II

Version II Front Cover


As you can see, the inside of this version is opposite to that of version I. So version III is like version I and version II and IV are the same (opposite to the layouts of I and III).

The symbols for Shownu and Minhyuk are green, while the rest are black.


Pocket contents:



Top Left – Wonho (Regular photocard)
Top Right – Wonho (Preorder Individual photocard)
Bottom Left – Ver I (Group photocard)
Bottom Right – Shownu and Wonho (Preorder Unit photocard)

Version III

Version III Front Cover


Jooheon and I.M


Pocket contents:



Top Left – Minhyuk (Regular photocard)
Top Right – Minhyuk (Preorder Individual photocard)
Bottom Left – Ver IV (Group photocard)
Bottom Right – Shownu and Hyungwon (Preorder Unit photocard)

Version IV

Version IV Front Cover




Pocket contents:



Top Right – Kihyun (Preorder Individual photocard)
Bottom Left – Ver III (Group photocard)
Bottom Right – Wonho and Shownu (Preorder Unit photocard)

As you can see one of the photocards is missing because I already traded it. So here’s the only picture I have of it with my ugly finger in the shot:

Unfortunately, I got doubles for my special photocard and group card. The ones you see in the picture are the exact same from my previous versions since I already traded them for a Kihyun special photocard and the group card I’m missing. I also traded my Shownu photocard for a Kihyun card of the same version.

So that’s it. I wish I got more Kihyun though. I got Shownu in every single version! When I was watching unboxing videos on YouTube, this one girl got Kihyun for 3 out of her 4 regular photocards and he was in most of the unit cards as well. I’m so jealous. It’s okay, I’m still really happy that I was able to trade all my doubles and my ver. IV photocard for a Kihyun one. Make sure you listen to their new album! My favourite track is Lost in the Dream. Anyways, that’s all thank you for reading!

(BTW would anyone see a post of all my photocards? Idk if that’s interesting or not, but I’ve collected a good amount. Of course I don’t have any completed sets or much compared to the collectors out there, otherwise I’d be so in debt. Idk let me know what you think. I also probably need to do an update of all the albums that I have right now and the ones that I ordered. That’s all, thanks for reading this extra bit <3)


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