Because I haven't posted yet today, here's a pen sketch of Jimin in the DOPE MV.

Here's a sketch of Suga. This is my post for today because I'm going to Toronto again this weekend. I can't get the picture to rotate for some reason. I'm sure I'll get to fixing it at some point.

Here's another bonus painting of Jack I did yesterday for septicart.

Here's Jin! The background is actually a nice bubblegum pink, but it looks very washed out in the image. Who should I paint next?

Does it look like V because some reason it doesn't to me. Who should I paint next?

J-Hope painting is finally done! Apparently it kind of looks like Jungkook... Who should I paint tomorrow?

Doodled on my leg because why not? It's just Sharpie... IT WILL NEVER COME OFF! o-o

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