I'm still not home yet... I will be soon. I'm currently at a rest stop. Here's a picture of some dessert I had earlier. I will post about this trip at some point before next week because I will going to New York.

Here's another picture of a pup. He's so cute and not fat like my mop. It's not mine and his name is Auggie (not sure if that's how you spell it) which stands for Augustus Gloop... But we can pretend that it stands for Agust D. 😉

Enjoy this picture of my dog while I sleep because VBS is finally over!

So I ironically bought a fidget spinner for my friend's birthday which was actually about a month ago. This is probably one of the lowest moments of my life. I also bought my own earrings for the first time because I've been wearing random ones that other people bought me for the longest time. I... Continue Reading →

Hey! Sorry I've only been posting random updates and pictures the past few days. I was in Toronto and I tried those ice cream rolls that you always see on instantaneous for the first time. I didn't actually know it was ice cream; I thought it was some kind of pastry this whole time. Whatever,... Continue Reading →

My current nails; gave myself a manicure while watching Phil's live stream yesterday. More nails by me @notreallynailart.

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