Yes! Finally saw Spider-man. Why are people with the ability to make high-tech weapons having financial problems. Honestly, go help science. Also, I got locked out of my house so that was fun.

Colour Run and Shopping

So after finishing a long two weeks of VBS I had to get up at 7am to volunteer for the colour run. I don't feel like going into much detail today as I am exhausted. Basically I was one of those people spraying colour on people and I got stationed at pink. My poor converse...... Continue Reading →

I didn't get to see Spider-Man yesterday... it sold out. I didn't think it would after being out for almost two weeks. T-T

Just Some Bucket List Things

This may seem silly as I always associate bucket lists with older people who want to get things done before they die. Then, the more I think about it the less silly it seems, because young people such as myself have experienced so little of what life has to offer that OF COURSE they're going... Continue Reading →

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