J-Hope painting is finally done! Apparently it kind of looks like Jungkook... Who should I paint tomorrow?

My Rating of BTS by Looks

Look, I didn't feel like writing a really long thing about my trip today and I still need to do SAT practice today. I totally wasn't procrastinating. Instead, because I just started getting into BTS I would do something related to that, so I decided to rate by looks. Please remember that this is my... Continue Reading →

Okay... I went through a decent amount of BTS songs and MVs. I have to say Blood Sweat and Tears is probably my favourite so far. The choreography for that song is also my favourite so far and Jimin and V look so pretty.

I blame my step-sister... or should I blame myself? I binged watched BTS on YouTube yesterday which is great... I'm such a hypocrite; that's not really new information. But hey, at least I can somewhat distinguish the members now.

VBS Volunteer and K-Pop

Hey, so I thought I'd give an update on what happened today since I wasn't very active today, but let's be honest, you don't really care about that. You probably clicked on this post because OMG K-pop!! I'll just make this quick. So starting tomorrow, I'm volunteering for VBS and so I had to attend... Continue Reading →

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