Trip to Toronto 2017 1.0

So if you didn't know, I went to Toronto weekends ago and I've been procrastinating to write about it. I decided to write about it today because I'm headed back to Toronto tomorrow. Anyways, here goes. I got up at seven and packed. Yes, I packed in the morning because it's only one set of... Continue Reading →

My English mark went up... so happy. But I kind of regret taking grade 11 courses for next semester because they won't count for University applications. ;-;

This has been the first day in two weeks that I haven't gone outside and done something. I feel sick and every muscle is sore.

Colour Run and Shopping

So after finishing a long two weeks of VBS I had to get up at 7am to volunteer for the colour run. I don't feel like going into much detail today as I am exhausted. Basically I was one of those people spraying colour on people and I got stationed at pink. My poor converse...... Continue Reading →

I didn't get to see Spider-Man yesterday... it sold out. I didn't think it would after being out for almost two weeks. T-T

I blame my step-sister... or should I blame myself? I binged watched BTS on YouTube yesterday which is great... I'm such a hypocrite; that's not really new information. But hey, at least I can somewhat distinguish the members now.

VBS Volunteer and K-Pop

Hey, so I thought I'd give an update on what happened today since I wasn't very active today, but let's be honest, you don't really care about that. You probably clicked on this post because OMG K-pop!! I'll just make this quick. So starting tomorrow, I'm volunteering for VBS and so I had to attend... Continue Reading →

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