Seventeen’s 2nd Album ‘Teen, Age’ Unboxing

I received all my Teen, Age albums a while ago, but here we go. I'll try to make as short and quick as possible since I'm a bit lazy to type a lot of comments on every item I received. I'll just add a bit on certain items that I have something I really want... Continue Reading →


Seventeen’s Special Album ‘Director’s Cut’ Unboxing

Hey! So today I unboxed Seventeen's Plot version of Director's Cut (and I had Sunset for a while) so I thought I'd start here. There are two versions: Plot and Sunset     (There's actually a limited kihno album that comes in Sunset version as well with some postcards in there) So let's start with Plot... Continue Reading →

Album Unboxing Update

Soon I will start to post about my kpop albums. I will organise it so that each album will have its own post ( so if I have more than one version it will all be in a single post). Even though many of these albums have been out for a while and you can... Continue Reading →

My Biases and Ult Bias?

So as you know, I stan three k-pop groups, but who are my biases? If you followed me for a long time you'll know my BTS bias is Suga. BTS has been the first and longest k-pop group I've been following and only back in December I decided to explore some other groups. The first... Continue Reading →


Hey! So it's been a while since I've used this blog and I've returned (idk for how long though, we'll see) hoping to post a lot more k-pop related things. So in the months I've been gone I've become part of ARMY, Exo-L and Carat Fandom! So hopefully you'll enjoy what I have to post which... Continue Reading →

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